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Proverbs 18:24
“Friends can destroy one another, but a loving friend can stick closer than family.”

As I read this I thought about my friends. I asked myself, do they stick closer than family? My family loves me unconditionally, they never judge me, and they always encourage me.

I realized that we have to be careful who we surround ourselves with. I spend most of my time with my friends, so it is important that I surround myself by people who are positive. Not people who will bring me down or stray me from GOD’s path.

I know we are all individuals and no one can “make” you do anything you don’t want to. But peer pressure is real. And the best way not to fall into pressure is to simply not be around people that will influence you in a bad way.

So we as Christian need to be careful who we hang out with because it does have a huge impact in our lives.

What do you think? Do your friends have a huge influence in your life?

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