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I have been a reserved person all of my life. I like being that way. I love hearing others express and tell about their lives, but I have always found it to be uncomfortable for me to express what I feel or think. It wasn’t until recently that it hit me! God is pointing his finger at me and ordering me to SAY IT!!!

My wife is pregnant with our second child. My wife talks to our baby constantly. I felt that it was normal for me not to feel the urge to do the same, because “I am a guy”. One day I was reading an article about a couple who had a 4 year old and where expecting another baby. The article speaks about how the 4 year old boy would sing to the mommy’s belly. He would sing “you are my sunshine my only sunshine”, he would do this often. The little boy was excited about meeting his baby sister.

As scheduled the time for the birth had arrived. The family rushed to the hospital with high expectations. The 4 year old boy could hardly contain himself. Serious complications occurred during labor and the baby girl was rushed to intensive care. The 4 year old boy keeps asking to see his little sister.

That night the parents are informed that the baby girl will not make it past that night. They are scared, but understand that their 4 year old son will be brokenhearted if he doesn’t meet her. They sneak him in, his eyes widen as he see’s all the tubes going into his little sister. Her heart rate isn’t normal. Without thinking twice the 4 year old brother begins to sing “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine” one of the nurses rushes in, telling the parents that the child is not allowed in the room and must be taken out. As she is about to walk them out, she noticed the baby’s heart rate. She asks the 4 year old to continue singing. A miracle had just happened the voice of her older brother had helped her stressed out heart stabilize. After several weeks the baby girl is released to go home.

Later that day, I heard Joel Osteen say: a blessing is not a blessing until it is spoken. I made a commitment to speak into my wife’s belly – my little boy is waiting for his daddy to speak a blessing into his life. I encourage you, the same way I was encouraged. SAY IT! Bless your family, bless your children and bless your people. “a blessing is not a blessing until it is spoken”

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