Creating a better tomorrow by developing leadership in our youth today.

Genesis 41:38-41

Isn’t incredible to see that the main factor that landed Joseph the vice presidency was the fact that he displayed Gods Spirit in him.

Our culture dislikes the mention of God in anyway or form. Yet, to be honest, the world is in search of men/women that display Gods character in their everyday living. We don’t want God in our midst but we want the benefits that he offers.

We want people of integrity, people who are committed, people who are responsible, people who care enough to make a difference. All these are God made attitudes! Without God we lack integrity, commitment, responsibility and leadership.

Joseph remained faithful to God and displayed his conviction, even when he knew it wasn’t popular. At the end the Pharaoh recognized that even the wisest and most educated man in his staff was useless. Yes he needed the best, but the best without Gods Spirit is simply not good enough!

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