Creating a better tomorrow by developing leadership in our youth today.

Through out my whole life my biggest desire has been to make a difference, to be remembered as somebody who cared enough. I am the kind of guy who wants to make people smile; I cannot see somebody upset or crying and just ignore them. I have come to realize that people need people. In general terms, the majority of our generation is focused only on their own needs and wants. World Changers are those who influence a positive change in others. I believe we all are capable of such an awesome gift. The gift of caring.

The beauty about influence is that it happens not by talking about caring for others, but it happens by actually showing that you care. David Mckay said, “People are more influenced by sermons you act than by sermons you preach.” To often we are caught up in telling people how special they are, too often we preach on how they should live their life. But the real change begins deep inside of us, when we model the change that we speak of.

Leaders of change are those who have actually made the change in their lives first. I believe that weight watchers didn’t begin with the intention of becoming a business. I bet it was one person in desperate need to make a change in his or her own life. Once the change was made in his or her life it became so strong that they are now capable of influencing millions.

3 important concepts that all world changers understand

1st They understand Principles – They apply a set of rules to help them change and become the people they desire to become. They have a strong personal belief on what they want to accomplish

2nd They understand Conviction – They are convinced that this is the best choice for their well-being. They speak about why its important and advise others to respect their choice.

3rd They understand Sacrifice – They are willing to give up comfort in order to live by principles and conviction. They understand that the cause of their grief was a lack of principles. Dave Ramsey says, “live today like no one else and you will live tomorrow like no one else.”

In order to bring change to the world we must first be willing to bring change to our lives.

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